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Zen's Psychic Fair Weekend 2017

Each year The Zen Shop bring you a fantastic event which is full to the brim with tarot decks, palm readers, angel cards, crystal balls, runes, auto photography and psychic mediums! It's our one-stop-shop!

Wether you're a firm believer and an open mind or a septic who is still unsure, we guarantee you'll be blown away by each of our readers. They each possess an individual and unique gift that assists you in the present, reminds you of your past and helps you through the complexities of life in the future.

Our readers have developed their specific abilities to enable you the opportunity to learn more about yourselves, receive valuable spiritual guidance and to get that push in the right direction.

And the amazing news is, you'll get all of these incredible people for a fraction of the price too! Just £10 for a 20 minute reading!! It's usually £25! Didn't see the one coming did you? (Sorry, had to)



January - Naturally Healthy & Ready For The Year!

Now we know what you're thinking... Oh, here's another blog about 'detoxing' and starting fresh, new year resolutions... New year, new me! Right? Well.. not quite..

Each year, most of us get super excited and build our bodies, mind and souls up to the month of December and when it arrives, we let it all go.! Yes indeed we eat, we drink, we celebrate, we binge as much as possible and inevitably hit a gigantic wall... this wall is called January...

Some of us take it in our stride and get straight back in the game and some of us try to prolong the inevitable hangover until the early weeks of January. Whatever the case, a good well-being combined with Natural Health can and should be part of our everyday routine. Not an annual routine.

The Zen Shop is making January all about Natural Health and we have all you need in store for your absolute health and well-being!

In this article, we're going to go through some simple Zen-like lifestyle choices that can improve your health, wellbeing and overall vitality as we enter the year 2017. Enjoy!



Crystal Of The Month


It only seems right that the master stone

and stone of manifestion be our crystal of

choice for January! - Lisa @ Zen x


"Clear Quartz is a master crystal and is the

most powerful healing crystal and energy

amplifier. It can be programmed with your own

intention which means it can be helpful for any

condition. As an energy amplifier it can

magnify and intensify the properties of

crystals used along side it. It can assist with

manifestation and aid bringing into fruition

future goals and dreams. Spiritually, quartz

can assit with raising energy to a higher level

and in doing so assists in raising

consciousness. It can also assist in enhancing

psychic ability, particularly when used in

meditation. A restorative stone it can stimulate

the immune system, whilst balancing and

aligning the chakras. Quartz comes in various

different shapes and sizes, points, clusters

and tumbled stones being the most common.

Great to carry with you as it regulates your

energy and is excellent for unblocking it."

October At Zen

You can feel it on the air.. The smell of Autumn is here and the magical transformation of the Earth is clear. It's this season to which change becomes so evident, you can literally watch it happen day by day. As trees shift their magnificent colours and grounds become filled with leaves and fungi bracing for the Winter ahead.. Yes, October is indeed a magical time and nobody enjoys magic quite as much as we do!

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September At Zen

Summer has been truly wonderful and the sun is still pumping out that good stuff throughout September, leading up to our Autumn equinox. You're probably wondering what Zen's got in store over this coming month so, here's the place to find out all you need to know.

20% off ALL Crystals

Crystals have always been a part of Zen's foundation and their vibrant energies have spread far and wide since Zen first started over 21 years ago. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality gems and crystals and only from the most credible and reliable sources.

This month ALL of our crystals are 20% OFF and that includes all specialist crystals such as our AAA Quartz Points, High Grade Amethyst Clusters & Geodes, Citrine Charge Plates and not to mention our extensive ranges of small to large Gem-stones and Crystals that can be found all around our shop. Don't miss out!


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