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House Blessing Kit - How to Cleanse

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How to Cleanse - House Blessing 

Do you feel like you need a spring clean from negative energies in your life?

This How to kit is designed for blessing, cleansing and purifying your home and even your place of work. 

Our House Blessing Kit contains all you need to cleanse away all those negative energies and encourage positivity back into your life.

Blessing your house brings peace of mind and serenity.

Inside you will find easy step-by-step instructions to bring positivity back into your life.

Our House Blessing Kit contains:

1 Scared feather
1 Sage smudge stick
1 Charcoal brass burner
10g of raw frankincense
10g of raw myrrh
2 Charcoal discs
1 gold organza bag

You will need a flame for this technique, so please be careful when lighting incense and sage and never leave them burning unattended.

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Have a positively lovely day!

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