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Zen's Psychic Fair Weekend 2017

Each year The Zen Shop bring you a fantastic event which is full to the brim with tarot decks, palm readers, angel cards, crystal balls, runes, auto photography and psychic mediums! It's our one-stop-shop!

Wether you're a firm believer and an open mind or a septic who is still unsure, we guarantee you'll be blown away by each of our readers. They each possess an individual and unique gift that assists you in the present, reminds you of your past and helps you through the complexities of life in the future.

Our readers have developed their specific abilities to enable you the opportunity to learn more about yourselves, receive valuable spiritual guidance and to get that push in the right direction.

And the amazing news is, you'll get all of these incredible people for a fraction of the price too! Just £10 for a 20 minute reading!! It's usually £25! Didn't see the one coming did you? (Sorry, had to)