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It only seems right that the master stone

and stone of manifestion be our crystal of

choice for January! - Lisa @ Zen x


"Clear Quartz is a master crystal and is the

most powerful healing crystal and energy

amplifier. It can be programmed with your own

intention which means it can be helpful for any

condition. As an energy amplifier it can

magnify and intensify the properties of

crystals used along side it. It can assist with

manifestation and aid bringing into fruition

future goals and dreams. Spiritually, quartz

can assit with raising energy to a higher level

and in doing so assists in raising

consciousness. It can also assist in enhancing

psychic ability, particularly when used in

meditation. A restorative stone it can stimulate

the immune system, whilst balancing and

aligning the chakras. Quartz comes in various

different shapes and sizes, points, clusters

and tumbled stones being the most common.

Great to carry with you as it regulates your

energy and is excellent for unblocking it."