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Our Long-Awaited 'How to Zen Kits' Have Arrived... And They're Incredible!

Newley Arrived - Three of Our Six 'How To Zen Kits


The time has finally come to release the kits from their creative roots. It was vision that until now was only, well... a vision! We introduce our brand new range to the public at the NEC and the feedback was incredible... 


After an extremely busy weekend at The NEC's Hair and Beauty Show, we're now looking back in awe at what a great show it was for Zen. Firstly we are sending our warmest of thank you's to everyone who came along and who showed massive love for our shop and our magical products.

We sold out on almost everything from singing bowls to incenses, jewellery to essential oils and most notably our brand spanking 'How to Zen Kits'! And it's of no surprise.

Behind the scenes, our Creative Director Sara Baker, with the help of The Zen Shop family, has created a Zen Shop masterpiece that is set to take the country by storm... And they are environmentally friendly!

Let's find out a little bit more about them... 

What's the concept? 

Let's imagine, that like most of us, we know small amounts about lots of things and without studying an individual subject in depth, one will only ever 'skim the surface'. With the help of our How to Zen Kits, not only are we given the manual for the subject but, we're also given the subject itself.

Take our How to Balance kit for instance, it's packed with everything you need to get your chakras lined up. Inside this graciously compact design you'll gently unveil a delicate bag containing the following :- 1 x Crystal Bracelet, 7 Chakra Crystals, 7 Chakra Candles, 3 Incense Cones, 1 Incense Cone Holder, 1 Crystal Grid Card and 1 Gold Organza Bag to store it all in! Nice! Oh, and if you're unsure of what chakras are? We have that covered too, in each kit, you'll find a short and informative description about chakras and how to use each of the items inside... Handy aye?  


How to Balance - Chakras Kit  


In fact, all of our kits have a detailed description of their contents and how to use each item in the box. 

What are the other kits? 

We're positive that you'll like all of the kits equally and they are a great collection to have. We also understand that most of us are interested in different things and that's why our new range has something that will tick everyone's boxes. Here's a list of our kits:- 

  • House blessing - How to Cleanse - Purification 

This kit puts peace of mind straight into our hands. There are so many occasions where life can bare overwhelming energies over us and we certainly don't want those energies to take over our most safest of places. Clean your body, mind, soul and home with this How to kit designed for blessing, cleansing and purifying your home and even your place of work.

  • Love - How to Manifest - Attraction 

The story of love never ends and I think that we can all agree, some stories are filled with fairytales and butterflies and some, not so much. With this is mind, we've concocted a lovely recipe of attraction with the soul aim of helping folks find cupids arrow. Hopeless romantics and unlucky lovers, this is your lucky day. 

Moving on... 

  • Chakras - How to Balance - Purification 

Balancing isn't always as simple as standing on your own two feet. There is a universe of energies knocking us around and this kit gives us the special tools and knowledge to keep our seven spiritual feet on the ground. 

  • Dream Catcher - How to Sleep Easy - Imagination 

It's no secret that dream catchers have been used for a very long time and they have made their dreamy way into the homes of millions around the globe. The Native Americans taught that by using this sacred tool during the night, you would be protected from bad dreams which can't pass through the beautifully woven web of the catcher. This creative kit gives you everything you need to assemble your very own piece of native American history. Sweet dreams. 

  • Full Moon Wish - How to Perform - Manifestation 

For eons, civilisations have paid homage to the moon and have used the energy she emits to manifest good harvest and fortunes for the future. Even still today, Full Moon rituals, moots and gatherings are held to share and show acknowledgement for the admiration of our beautiful floating Goddess. This kit provides us with the necessary pieces for us to have your very own full moon ceremony in the comfort of anywhere we chose. Bring great things into your life and let go of the unwanted. This one is very popular.  

  • Buddhism - How to Meditate - Mindfulness 

Our busy lifestyles are all the craze and as a society we're not slowing down. But that's OK, no worries, if you know how an escape from the noise and hustle is a few steps away. Within, you'll find Mala beads, jasmine incenses, a mini buddha statue, prayer card, a gentle guide to relaxation and absolute peace of mind that's found in no other box. Enjoy the journey of pure bliss.

What a collection! 

It seems whether you're finding your spiritual focus or helping assisiting friends to brush up on their holistic prowess, The Zen Shop have you covered. These innovative kits are the perfect gifts for friends and family and a fresh collection for yourself too! 

 The Environment 

The Zen Shop has been very careful when sourcing the packaging of this product and have developed the 'How to' with a U.K based family company who is FSC, approved, PEFC approved, World Land Trust approved and have the certification to boot. The London based company 'Curtis Packaging' have been in business since 1938 and we are proud to support such an environmentally friendly company.

Instead of using more forest wood (of which over 50% of the worlds natural forests has been exploited) Curtis use FSC Board which maximises the use of post-consumer recycling. 

On top of this, instead of conventional UV inks and coatings which are oil based and energy consuming, vegetable and soya inks are used by Curtis Packaging which are soluble (as they are water based) and easily recycled. 

They use chemical free plates, meaning they can be recycled and every single item they use is stored, compressed and recycled, making this company the creme de la creme when it comes to responsible packaging and environmentally savvy! 

Natural Habitat for the wild


It's looking like a bright future for these new kits and you can expect to see them nationwide very soon! For now, come by our shops and get a hands-on feel for each kit and see which (if not all) take your fancy.

They are available to buy now in either of our magical shops or you can buy them online at or via our Etsy page

We can't wait to hear what you have to say about them! Exciting times ahead!  

Peace, Love & Light. 

Zen x