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5HTP - The Link to Serotonin

Ever wondered why from one day to next we feel so differently in aspects of our lives? There are many factors but one contributor is absolutely our vitamin and mineral intake or the lack of it. Most of us are all very much aware that vitamins play a major role in our lives and when it comes to our moods there are no exceptions. 5HTP is the key ingredient to help our body produce the all-mighty Serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter produced inside the brain. Put more simply it relays messages through our brains directly and indirectly affecting things such as our sexual desires, moods, appetite, sleep, memory and learning! 


But if you thought for a second that serotonin is doing enough in our brain, you’d be wrong. In fact, 90% of serotonin’s work is completed outside of the brain. It affects the functioning of our cardiovascular system, muscles and endocrine system (metabolism, growth, reproduction etc) and some researchers suggest it regulates breast milk production and that also a defect in the serotonin network may be an underlying cause of SIDS. 

However all of this doesn’t happen on it’s own, it takes a process, a three phase process involving eating, which is great news. Especially if you’re an Alaskan Native but not if you're a Sea Lion... 

To make 5HTP we need food enriched in something called Tryptophan which is an amino-acid made in plants and animals. Most notably Sea Lions, so if you’re a Native Alaskan you would have ceremonial hunting rights to consume this animal and believe me they would use it all. When comparing levels of Tryptophan there is nothing that outweighs a Sea Lion kidney packed with 2580mg of Tryptophan with the highest veggie option being Spirulina (raw) 739mg, which is three times lower than a Sea lion, I wonder what the Sea Lion is doing right? 

Fear not, there are literally hundreds of non-sea lion options from vegetables, fish, grains, meats and a whole bunch of edibles. Here’s an awesome website for those who want to know the ins and outs of what your food and to find a comprehensive list of all things Tryptophan however, sorry to disappoint but sadly eating these foods isn’t going to be your best way of producing 5HTP! 

The best way of providing the body with 5HTP is to supplement it and 5HTP is ready and available whenever you need it. It’s sourced from the extracts of seeds from the tree Griffonia Simplicfolia a climbing shrub of West Africa.

So if you’re anything like everyone, then you may need a boost from time to time. All stops should be pulled out to get you back on top and 5HTP is up there for helping us all. Come and see us for more information.

Peace, Love & Zen x